Jennifer Perlstein

Civil Marriage Ceremony

Full Wedding ceremony

I offer an all inclusive fee of $650.

A deposit of $200 to be paid when you lodge the Notice of Intention to Marry. This is non refundable. The full fee is to be paid within 14 days of the NOIM lodgement. Then I will go ahead with developing the ceremony, and send you a draft.

FEES INCLUDE: The invisible hours (10+ on average)

  • The creation of the ceremony
  • Completion of legal requirements
  • Completion and lodgement of the Notice of Intention to Marry Form (NOIM)
  • Preparing and completing all the certificates
  • Registration of legal documents with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages (RBDM).
  • All correspondence
  • Communicating with you by phone and/or email.
  • Stationery, postage and printing costs.
  • Providing you with information about the framework for the ceremony and exploring with you ideas and opportunities to ensure that your ceremony fits with what you want and also provides substance.
  • Sample ceremonies and vows, and optional wedding symbols and rituals. When you come to the interview you can chose vows from the large selection, mix and match, or just list the words you believe are important and I will write vows based on those words. The ceremony will be very personal and unique to yourselves. If you wish you can write your own.
  • Creating the first draft of the ceremony and reworking as we finalise it.
  • Creating and printing the keepsake copy of the ceremony
  • Travel to and from the ceremony venue, within 50 k’s of my office
  • Briefing the wedding party, family members and readers
  • 2 Meetings with the bride and groom plus rehearsal
  • Use of professional PA system.
  • Use of signing table and table cloth.
  • Brochures for relationship services
  • Ceremonial certificate of marriage.
  • Officiating at your wedding ceremony on the day.

Simple Wedding

Simple wedding ceremony at my house or nearby park (weather permitting) – $350

OPTION (Registry Type Ceremony in my office or in nearby park outside my office $350.00.)
Additional Costs Apply For

  • Travel and accommodation expenses out of metropolitan area. greater than 50 k’s from my office in East Brunswick
  • There is an additional cost for extra rehearsals at your wedding venue depending upon distance and travelling time. ($100 – $120)
  • Formal correspondence for DIMIA visa applications, nominally $30, unless there are repeats or complications

Application for your official certificate of marriage from BDM. I require a cheque for $45 made payable to BDM. Please let me know before your ceremony if you wish to obtain this certificate. I have the application forms and this is the link.


The $200 “Booking Fee” (or “For a Notice of Intended Marriage” fee) is not refundable – unless I am unable to solemnise the marriage on the arranged ceremony day, and am unable to arrange for a substitute celebrant.

The $450 fee known as the “In respect of solemnisation of marriage by authorised civil marriage celebrant” fee (which must be paid no later than 14 days before the arranged ceremony day) is refundable only if written notice of cancellation of the marriage is given to me not less than 14 days before the arranged ceremony day OR if I am unable to solemnise the marriage on the arranged ceremony day and am not able to arrange for a substitute celebrant.

Fees paid (or payable) in respect of visit to the venue and/or travels costs exceeding 60km in a return journey between my base and the place of marriage are not refundable or waivable.