As a Celebrant I have to be aware of copyright issues for what is broadcast, played, read or printed at your marriage ceremony. I am aware of the exclusive rights of copyright owners, and this applies to music, poetry, published works, artistic works, films, TV broadcasts, sound recordings, radio broadcasts and includes public performance. Public performance includes playing a CD over a PA etc.

Under the Copyright Act 1968 wedding (and other) ceremonies are exempt from the public performance and sound reproduction requirements, as it is traditionally understood that such ceremonies usually include music, and this applies regardless of the venue or audience. A licence from PPCA (for sound recordings) or APRA (public performance) is NOT required. This includes any processional music.
BUT compilations of music dubbed by another person onto a CD or tape would breach copyright and thus only original CD’s can be used. If given a compilation of CD music to be played during the ceremony, I would have to explain the copyright issues and I would suggest that you utilize original CD’s and ask the venue or a friend to coordinate the music.

The ceremony is different to the reception. Thus a licence from PPCA would be required to play recorded music at the reception. APRA exempts this necessity to obtain a public performance license. That any spoken published literature e.g. poems blessings, readings etc have its author acknowledged in the order of service power point etc and by the speaker.

I can give you the relevant phone number for PPCA (Phonographic Performance Company of Aust) and APRA (Aust Performing Rights Assoc) and a copy for you at the original meeting when the NOIM signed and explain it to you in the context of your requirements. I would also reinforce these at the rehearsal i.e. ask to see the CD’s being played and ask regarding the reception licenses.