The use of an interpreter in a marriage ceremony.

As your celebrant I utilize or recommend only properly qualified interpreters (language and hearing impaired) from reputable agencies, who as part of their accreditation have to adhere to confidentiality ethics, and who understand the confidentially in the use of statutory declarations etc and with documents required for the NOIM and the marriage ceremony. A family member or friend cannot be used to interpret.

Appropriately qualified and registered interpreters and translators who accurately interpret/translate any documents or conversations including the marriage ceremony are required. A statutory declaration has to be provided stating that they have carried out these tasks truthfully and correctly. The interpreter must provide a certified statutory declaration that they have undertaken a faithful performance (Form 24). I only give essential details to the interpreter to ensure legality of the marriage but nothing more. I make it clear to the interpreter that they must keep confidential conversations, personal information, documents about the couple and ceremony and keep only required copies of information for legal, employment or audit purposes. That any other documents, hand written notes etc be shredded and disposed of appropriately.

The following are examples of Interpreting Services:


Thi service is recognised as the leading provider of interpreting and translation services. Their pool of interpreters and translators are linguistic professionals in over 100 languages and dialects.
Ph: 1300 739 731

Onsite Interpreting Video & Phone Interpreting

Specialist Telephone and Video Interpreters Australia-wide, 24 hours 7 days
Translations Government, business, technical and scientific translations by NAATI accredited translators.
Call 1300 854 799
Phone: 61 + 3 9605 3000 ; 1300 134 746
Phone: Translation Services 61 + 3 8602 0000
Fax: 61 + 3 9600 0048 1300 134 251
General enquiries –
Street and Postal Address
Level 8, Suite 802,
343 Lt Collins Street,
Melbourne Victoria 3000
Core services:
On-site interpreting from Melbourne
Telephone interpreting 24/7 Australia-wide
Video interpreting Australia-wide using Polycom, Cisco and LifeSize video conferencing systems; Translation services
Costs: $105 inc gst min booking one and half hrs; then every 30 mins $27 inc gst
After hours ie before 8 am after 6 pm, Saturdays – time and half;
Sundays/Public holidays – double time

ONCALL Interpreters & Translators

ONCALL is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone.
Fax, email and enquiry form are accessed Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm).
Melbourne (servicing VIC & TAS).
Level 3, 3 Bowen Crescent,
Melbourne VIC 3004.
Phone: +61 3 9867 3788 +61 3 9867 3788
Fax: +61 3 9867 4472
Staff trained in cross-cultural issues and working on effectively with interpreters can also help in providing excellent customer service and protecting the interests of both service provider and client in matters of duty of care and legal responsibility.
Services that professionals will find useful include:
On-site interpreting
Telephone interpreting
Translation of documents relevant to investigations and court proceedings that are of a scientific, technical, commercial, medical or legal nature.
Programs in cross-cultural communication training
Costs: $103.40 inc GST min. booking one and half hours, then every 30 mins thereafter 26.40 inc GST;
After hrs ie before 8 am after 6 pm and Saturdays – Time and a half;
Weekends and public hols – Double time


Sign Language Communications Victoria (SLC VIC) is a professional and innovative booking service that is a part of Vicdeaf. Through SLC VIC, you can book Auslan/English interpreters, Deaf relay interpreters and notetakers.
They assist Deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people to communicate with each other by providing:
Interpreting services between Australian Sign Language (Auslan) and English.
Deaf relay interpreting services where the relay interpreter repeats, or relays an Auslan message from one Deaf person to another. They do not work between spoken English and Auslan as do Auslan interpreters. Deaf relay interpreters are often used at meetings where Deafblind or Deaf people with vision impairments are in attendance. Most relay interpreters are Deaf.
Note taking services at events in which Deaf and hearing impaired people are attending and where information will be shared. Notetakers are often booked for meetings, student lectures and tutorials.
Their friendly and knowledgeable team can assist you to determine the type of communication support that you require.
You can make a booking online by going to:
Vicdeaf and SLC VIC also provide interpreting services via Video Relay Interpreting (VRI) and Skype. For information about regional VRI please go to:
For costs contact the SLC on:
Ph: 1300 123 SLC 1300 123 SLC
Direct: 03 9473 1146 03 9473 1146
TTY: 03 9473 1143

Fax: 03 9473 1144
Costs $165.00 inc gst ; every half hr after $41.25;
After hrs Mon- Fri and Saturdays time and a half;
Sundays and public hols double time.